Saturday, March 24, 2007

A visit from Microsoft?

Today when I was looking at the log to see how popular my blog was, I noticed this special link.
Yes, my blog got a hit from a guy from M$.

What happened to the computer world? Did Mr Gates suddenly wake up in the morning and noticed that their so-called innovative operating system Windows Vista and the Java rip-off .Net framework were a failure and decided to follow the path of the penguin in the open source world? :) Or was that just a M$ employee who got bored with the noob stuff at work and roamed the Internet looking for some fun? Or just a stupid crawler that was just leeching off my site?

Looking into more details, that guy came to my site via a Google search with my nickname as the keyword. There was some information about the screen resolution, color depth and javascript enabled so I guess that shouldn't be a crawler :P

Anyway, whoever it is, I suppose the mysterious visitor will reveal himself soon enough :P

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