Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Long time 2 :D

Hey guys, it's been a long time once again :D

I have been quite busy both at work and home :) The .Net project at work was quite easy for a 1337 like me, but it's quite time-consuming :( At home I am still working on the cute bot bbq :D

We're having an official irc channel for botting :D It used to be #tbs-traders but now we have moved to #tbs-botzone because Inferno didn't like that name :P

At the moment the botzone members are working on 3 projects. theAnswer, Gizmore, jmoncayo and matrixman are working on the so-called "Lamb project", which is coded in php with the power of MySQL. They even have a homepage for it, click here if you're interested :) ch0wch0w is working dependently on his ch0wb0t whose ability is still unknown :P And myself, as you already know, am working on the bbq bot which is written in Java using the irc module provided by PircBot.

Our first target is to win $1 million from playing blackjack with Shepp. At the moment my bot seems to be leading with $167142 in the bank after 2837 games. theAnswer and Gizmore's bots are still far away after losing all their money, both have played around 1000 games. Other players' status are unknown. But our result is still so far from the legendary No0ther1 who had played 201801 games, and won more than $1 million but unfortunately lost them all :P

As I only have 1-2 hours spare to work on the bot each day, my bot hasn't progress so far. At the moment it needs a little refactoring due to bad design - something that always happens when you try to solve an AI problem with some quick and dirty code :P Hopefully after this last refactoring my bot will become stable and available for non-commercial purpose soon :)

What's more, after our bots going stable, we're planning to write an irc-based RPG :) Come join us anytime soon on #tbs-botzone at irc.idlemonkeys.net :)

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