Sunday, March 30, 2008

Something for March

Just noticed April is coming, and I haven't blogged anything for March so far. So now is the time for some updates.

It sucks to discover that your free webhost, webcounter and blograting are all insecure.

It's April Fool's soon, and I can't wait to see a new Google's hoax.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Guys, have you ever tried clicking on the green icon on the right sidebar of this page? If you haven't, try it :P By clicking on the icon, you become a fan of this blog on Technorati, which is a good thing.

But unfortunately today I'm not in the mood to say how great Technorati is, as a universal blog rating, or an SEO service. On the contrary, I'm here to whine about it...

The first thing I don't like about Technorati is the rating system itself. It is heavily based on blog reactions, which is never correct - the world wide web isn't just about blogging! And sometimes, the ranking is inconsistent across various pages.

The second problem with Technorati is that the blog information there is very much outdated. I tried pinging a few times a week, but the content is still one hundred days lagged behind. An automated ping script could solve the problem, but there's a better way: just let your visitors ping the blogs for you. Here's the code to include as HTML/Javascript:

<img src="" alt="." style="width: 1px; height: 1px;" />
(If Technorati ever gets overflown with pings, it's not my fault, it's their fault for having such a crappy service)

Final thing I would like to mention today, Technorati has a few XSS vulnerabilities that can be found and fixed easily, but no one bothered to take any action. Maybe they should fire some developers, or send them to a basic web security course... If you are a Technorati user, be careful out there, or your Technorati account will get pwned in no time.