Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long time

Hey guys, here's a new post again :D
It's been quite a long time since the last post, what have I been up to? :P
I had a quite busy week with a new .Net project at work and an IRC bot project at home. I've been looking for a PhD opportunity too, since it's now that time of the year again :P
Throw away the boring technical stuff, the bot is the main theme today :D
If you still remember, I have been using the Pyborg IRC bot by Tom Morton for quite a while. Recently the need for it grows stronger and the BADC0DED Python code is quite hard to maintain, so I decided to start a new Java project for it :)
My new bot uses PircBot as the core IRC module. At the moment the core is almost complete with a secure user system and a flexible command system :) What's cool is that commands can be updated on-the-fly (i.e no need to restart the bot everytime a command is added/updated) :D Maybe in the future there'll be needs for observer ability - so that messages sent to the bot will be forwarded to different observers for misc processing :)
At the moment the bot is named bbq but I'm not quite content with it :P Maybe it needs another cool and cute name? :P Any idea?

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