Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Problem with KDE sound

Is KDE your favourite desktop environment? I'm using it because it's much cooler than Gnome :P
As a penguin tamer, I always read the cool Linux articles by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. One of my favourite was his article titled "Little Red Riding Tux meets the Big Bad Wolf". The podcast was so cool that I wanted to make it my KDE startup theme so that I can hear it everytime I start my Linux box ;)
Unfortunately, for some weird reason, KDE just refused to play it :P Maybe because of the file being stored in mp3 format. What's even worse, it caused my sound driver to stop working -.- And for some weird reason, even when I reseted the sound theme to default, sometimes the old config still popped out of nowhere.
Care less about the KDE config bug :P Atm all I need is a way to get my sound working without having to restart KDE. A simple solution is to restart the sound driver. As I am using alsa, the command is

service alsa restart
That's it for now! Have fun taming your penguin guys ;)

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