Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steganabara on Ohloh

I came over Ohloh today while looking at the subversion website for the new update. It looks like a pretty cool social network for open source developers and lovers.

At Ohloh you can promote your software projects and vote on projects you like. So I went on ahead and created a project page for Steganabara:

If you enjoy this great steganalysis tool you should create an account there, add Steganabara to your stack, write reviews, and vote for it :)

There hasn't been any major update to Steganabara for quite a while. So if you have any idea for improvement, feel free to contact me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 and KVIrc

I have always been able to have my nick auto-identified on the idlemonkeys network simply by using the "Server Details" dialog in KVIrc:

But since the server change a few months ago this method is no longer working for me.

After playing around with the various settings in KVIrc I finally managed to find another way to get the job done using the "General Preferences" dialog:

Doing it this way the password is clearly visible in plain sight but I have no other options. And it kinda sucks as KVIrc seems to be the only client that can't handle the change.

Maybe the KVIrc guys should have a look into it rather than working on the new major version.