Sunday, February 24, 2008


I believe many of you have heard about the famous 7 wonders of the ancient world. But do you know there is a project that attempts to create a new list of modern wonders: A poll is hosted online there and internet users all over the world can come and cast their votes for their favourite candidates.

The media in Vietnam has been doing a fine job of spreading the words to many Vietnamese patriots, and as a result, the 3 candidates from Vietnam are leading the board at the moment. And out of curiosity, I had a quick look at the website to see if I can find anything interesting.

Firstly I'd like to say, online voting is unfair by any means. People who have never visited the wonders before can still cast their votes, which will surely lead to an incorrect result. And what's even worse is that countries with high population surely have an advantage.

Another problem of new7wonders is that the voting system looks to be in the 90s. In order to cast a vote, a user just has to enter his email address, some personal information, vote, and click a link in the confirmation email. No anti-bot mechanism is applied, so cheating is fairly easy. Just a script to automate the vote, and an email filter on your mail server to grab the link and click on it :P

Maybe my blog will become a new wonder of the world soon? :P

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hey guys,

Probably you're wondering why there hasn't been a new post for a long time. Well I have been playing DotA like crazy recently. Although Warcraft is surely inferior to Starcraft, DotA is really a great game, especially when you got to play in a great team.

While training hard to become a DotA gosu, I have played various heroes, among which Traxex, Axe and Bloodseeker are my favourites. If you are a DotA fan, we should meet up and discuss about DotA strategies some time :)