Friday, December 14, 2007

Linux cracking live demonstration

Just experienced a real cool live demonstration of Linux cracking given by rhican :) With his 1337 skills, he showed me how to solve smashthestack io level 5. And believe it or not, just the little screen command was enough to deliver all the rich user experience that you will need to abuse webcams, videos or remote desktop on Windows to achieve.

What more can I say? Well, I have been trying to tame the penguin for years, but no matter how much I know, I was still surprised to see how powerful Linux can be when controlled by a power user.

Obviously the demonstration was much better than the lame hacking videos that some noobs uploaded to YouTube just for some fake feeling of uberness.

Time to finish more challs and reach another level of the Unix hacker hierarchy!

1 comment:

acrazyfan said...

Sounds cool. Do you have any screenshot?