Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FreeRice IRC Bot

I just added another bot to the project - an IRC bot.

Let this bot run on your IRC channel, play with it, and help donate rice to poor people.

Grab a copy of the bot from here.


Anonymous said...

Nice work - php and mysql requirements really limit the potential audience of the "original" bot.

I wonder if you might also consider linking to the python bot I implemented.

quangntenemy said...

Yeah, sure. I noticed our bots have many things in common, especially the saving of dictionary.
And nice work reaching the 100,000 grain limit, and discovering the easter egg :)

Anonymous said...

heh yea, i was pretty excited about the 100k easter egg. :)

at first my bot just looked stuff up in wordnet and dict.org, which gave 90% accuracy, but then someone i know suggested in jest "why don't you just save all the answers as they come up"...

since there are about 1M words in the english language, i thought at first it would be silly, but then someone else pointed out that the words used by freerice are rather limited in number (cuz they repeat), and moreover, separated by levels, so i decided to add that in.

it's nice to get feedback :)

by the way, i wonder if you have any stats on how many people are using (or at least, downloaded) your bot?

quangntenemy said...

Nope, I only track the number of visitors. But I guess we can just look at the total of rice donated. It has been growing really fast recently :)

Anonymous said...

well, FWIW, about 382 hits on my ricemaker page so far (i don't have actual dl stats either...). not too much, but if even some of them are running, that ought to be a few million grains a day. :)

how many hits on yours?

quangntenemy said...

So yours is more popular than mine. Only about 150 hits so far. Just added a download meter. About 10 downloads per day.

darrenism said...

Free free to add my java bot also:

Darren McCall said...

Check out my new AutoIt bot:

Darren McCall said...
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Darren McCall said...

New FreeRice English Vocabulary Bot using AutoIt: http://darrenmccall.blogspot.com/2012/12/freerice-english-vocabulary-bot-autoit.html