Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Something for September

Just realized there hasn't been any post for almost a month, although I have been quite active.

On the new pyramid, aka rankk, I have finally secured the first place. Obtained it quite a long time ago, but the place was always taken back by valsa whenever I woke up in the morning. It was not until he had solved the final challenge - 9/1 - that I had a free race. Was there a curse placed upon the Geb title that he has not been able to surpass? If so, I really should take it with care ;)

On TBS, finally I have grabbed 2 more challenges to reach 300. What's even cooler is that one of them is "The Long Forgotten Game" - a really evil chall. With that challenge done now I only have 3 more BaRa's steganos unsolved - Same record as Phas and Inferno - Of course I'll surpass them soon.

A few months ago flamecruiser claimed that he would get TLFG before me. Now I really have taught him who's the new master. quangntenemy is back and kicking! :D


LaPuntitaNadaMas said...

Quote from quang: "Same record as Phas and Inferno - Of course I'll surpass them soon."
Is this the way you show respect for old people like me? :P

Alt3rn4t|v3 said...

hehe. congrats noob xD