Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More updates :)

Hey guys,
Some new updates from my projects :)

Firstly, the website has been completely updated to comply with XHTML 1.0 Strict :) And it's now 100% table-less (if you click on the validation icon it'll say it's no 100% - stupid freewebs ads, I'll do something to have it changed)

Secondly, Steganabara has been released. Well, not a public release btw :P Other than me, theAnswer has the only copy :P Just a minor bug fix for the drag & drop feature support for Windows. If you are using another desktop environment other than KDE/Windows, and for some weird reason the feature isn't working, feel free to drop me a mail :)

Thirdly, and our featured update today :) An update from the bbq project. There's no update to the bbq rpg and atm the Lamb-shadowrun is taking advantages. But a new bbq game is now catching the attentions :) Yes, it's the arcade game hangman that has been revived in an irc context :) There has been many attempts from theAnswer to cheat on the game, but on-time updates have been release to stop them all :) Come get hung at #tbs-botzone now!

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