Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey guys,

Expecting something new from me?

Nothing much here. I've been quite busy at work and horst35 managed to took my first place on rankk for a few days but somehow I managed to get it back by solving skraeling's evil chall.

I have a cool new idea for a crackit chall but found no time to code it... yet.

And finally, never subscribe to the Code Project newsletter. I made that mistake a while ago and unsurprisingly the unsubscribe feature didn't seem to work. I get tons of lame stuffs emailed to me everyday. Maybe I should consider blocking those emails soon.


Anonymous said...

yeah i've discovered the same thing about the code project. Luckily for me, It was several generations of email adresses ago :D.

Back in the time where Yahoo was hip :)

cheers, and success in the job.


Newbie.Mediocre-Ninja said...

oh man you shoulda filter them :))