Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm still around

Hey guys,

There hasn't been any update for a long while. Work has been keeping me busy, and the rest of my free time has been taken away by Forumwarz, a browser-based RPG about Internet culture. As a security specialist, I even helped Evil Trout, the admin of Forumwarz, fix a lot of security vulnerabilities there.

During my time spent on Forumwarz, I got myself acquainted with Greasemonkey, a Firefox plugin that lets you run custom Javascript on websites to achieve certain tasks, and Prototype, an interesting Javascript framework that makes me think traditional Javascript is just a thing of the past :P

Another thing that attracted my interest is concurrency security. Concurrency-related problems could lead to nasty bugs in your system, data inconsistency, and even security breach. This issue has not been given enough consideration by security researchers, but I believe it cannot be underestimated. Maybe I will create a challenge based on it for everyone to enjoy ;)